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Carpets Should Be Vacuumed Before Steam Cleaning

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11:33 AM

Some people often wonder if it is wise to vacuum carpets before steam cleaning them. After all, both are cleaning processes anyway, so is it really necessary? The short and simple answer is YES! You should always vacuum your carpets before getting them steam cleaned. Here's why:

Removes Dirt, Which Means the Steam Cleaning Will Be More Effective

You should vacuum your carpet thoroughly with a regular household vacuum cleaner before calling in the professionals to clean it with a steam cleaner. A thorough cleaning of your carpet will remove all additional dirt, dust, and small particles, such as gravel and sand, stuck within it. There are powdery dry, flaky substances on the carpet that can be picked up during vacuum cleaning in some cases, which will ensure that the steam cleaning is able to clean your carpet more efficiently.

Loosens Up the Fibres

Vacuuming your carpet will also fluff up and loosen the fibres that contain dirt within them. As a result, steam cleaning the carpet will become much easier and more effective as it will be able to pick up the dirt without having to dust the carpet – which could damage it. It will also reduce the number of times the dirty water tank needs to be changed at the time of cleaning.

Increases the Lifespan

Vacuuming your carpet greatly increases your and the carpet's lifespan by getting rid of harmful elements that have the potential to cause allergies or spread toxins into the air.

Refined Appearance

Another advantage of vacuuming the carpet beforehand is that it will give it a more refined look. You will also get rid of any marks or patterns that have formed on it after vacuuming. When the carpet has been vacuumed, steam cleaned, and dried up; you will have to vacuum it once more as it helps to remove and detach all of the sand and dust particles left behind during the process.

While vacuuming your carpet, you might also notice some small items, such as hair, small toys, elastics, or accessories that can easily be picked up while steaming and block the hose, rendering the cleaning process ineffective. Cleaning a carpet with dirty water is similar to washing your floors with a dirty mop: it does not produce the best results. For this very reason, you should always consider vacuuming your carpet before getting them steam cleaned.

However, you must bear in mind that running a vacuum once again is only wise and advisable when the carpet has completely dried up. If you vacuum a wet carpet, there are chances that you will transfer soil from the brushes of the vacuum cleaner, which will ruin the perfectly cleaned carpet.

Carpet cleaning is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, patience, and consistency, which is why we offer you our services to help you have clean and soft carpets. Contact us today for any inquiries or to find out more about our services.