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Cleaning a Curtain Fabric: The Best Way You Can Take

cleaning curtain fabric

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Curtains are second to none in adding to the aesthetic look and feel of your home. However, to make sure they do so, the curtains have to be in the best of conditions. Now, given the fact that curtains get dirty easily, it is pretty difficult to keep them in the best of conditions. As such, the best thing you can do to maintain your curtains is hire experienced professional curtain cleaners. They will use all their expertise and experience to come up with the best cleaning solutions that will clean up your curtains. More so, if you have fabric curtains, you must hire the best curtain cleaning professionals. Cleaning curtain fabric is pretty tricky, and only a seasoned professional can deliver the best results.

On this page, let us discuss the steps that the best professionals would take to clean curtain fabrics.

Step 1: At first, the professionals will remove the nooks and crannies of the curtain. They measure the curtain prior to washing it so that it can be stretched back to bring it back to its original and normal shape.

Step 2: After the curtain is removed, it is shaken gently by the professionals offering curtain cleaning. They do this to get rid of the superficial dust and dirt particles from the curtain surface. Or they will spread the curtain on a sprawling surface and use the vacuum brush to dust off the particles. However, they will do so on the curtains that allow such dusting-off exercise without getting damaged.

Step 3: Next, they will commence the cleaning of the curtain. They will be particular about adhering to the cleaning procedure, depending on the material of the curtain in question. Also, the method of cleaning that they will follow will depend on the gravity of the cleaning that needs to be done and the extent of dirt and dust present on the curtain.

Step 4: Once the curtain has been cleaned, they dry it in three parallel lines in an airy space or a space with a lot of sunlight. However, depending on the type of fabric, the professionals will not set the curtain to dry in a place with direct sunlight. The reason for this is that it may have an effect on the fabrics and colour of the curtain.

Step 5: When the curtain is almost dry but only just moist, the professional curtain cleaner in Sydney will iron it slowly. The professional will iron the side that is not displayed. Then, to remove the watermark, they will thoroughly dampen the entire curtain.

Step 6: While ironing the curtain, they will stretch it a bit so that the wrinkles are removed.

Once the curtain is fully dried, the professionals will stretch it to remove whatever wrinkles there are.

Once done, these professionals will put back the weight and the nooks on the curtain and reset them at the windows to change the look and feel of your interiors altogether.

So you see, hiring professional window cleaners matters a lot. Best Ever Cleaning follows these steps to ensure that your fabric curtains are spotless. To book our service right away, call us at 0403 393 330 or fill out our contact form.