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What Not to Do While Cleaning a Leather Couch?

cleaning leather couch

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Cleaning a leather couch is a specialist's job. The reason being that leather gathers a lot of dust and dirt over time that gets pretty difficult to remove by the conventional ways of cleaning. In fact, there are certain specialised steps that you need to take to clean them. That’s the reason you need to hire seasoned professionals who will use all their experience and expertise to keep the couch spick and span.

While doing so, they will avoid certain things. On this post, we will discuss the things they would avoid doing when doing leather cleaning in Sydney.

Not Going by the Manufacturer’s Instructions

When you purchase high-quality leather furniture, you also receive a booklet that contains all the warranty information and instructions on how to take care of the couch. Whenever you hire a reputable cleaning service provider, the first thing the professional will do is ask for the cleaning manual. Or the professional will be knowledgeable enough to know the dos and don’ts of cleaning the leather couch in question. They will never ignore the manufacturer’s instructions, for that would be a blunder.

Using Household Cleaning Products

You might get a pass for using household products while cleaning other surfaces. However, when it comes to cleaning a leather sofa or couch, these household products will not suffice. Since leather is not a good absorbent, unlike linen or other objects, using household cleaning products is not a very wise step to take. That’s the reason why the professionals who are into upholstery cleaning would never use any household products. They would use the top-quality organic cleaning products as instructed by the user’s manual.

Using Plain Water to Clean

Water is not at all a suitable cleaner when it comes to cleaning leather. In case there is a thin film of dust on an otherwise-clean leather couch. Wiping the dust off using a moist rug can be done, and professionals do it. However, deep cleaning with only water is a strict no-no. That is because the use of excessive water in cleaning leather couches will damage the leather. The professionals who are into leather couch cleaning in Sydney will never make this mistake.

Not Testing the Cleaning Product on Any Unnoticeable Area

Every cleaning professional, before using a cleaning product to clean your leather couch, will check its effect on the leather by applying it to an unnoticeable area. This is to see if the product damages the leather. Not doing so is a blunder that the professionals will never commit.

Drying the Leather Using Heat

This is something that the professionals will never do. They will never apply heat to dry up the leather couches. Heat will inflict serious damage to the leather. It will cause the leather to crack. That is the reason the professionals will soak up as much moisture as possible using a clean, dry rug and then leave the couch in open air to dry.

That is why you must hire the best professionals to clean a leather couch. Best Ever Cleaning is the best name to turn to if you are in and around Sydney. Call us at 0403 393 330 or fill out our contact form to book our service.