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What Type of Upholstery Can be Steam Cleaned?

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23:00 PM

As per the cleaning experts, steam cleaning has been one of the best and the most effective methods of cleaning. This method can be used to clean flooring and the carpets, the rugs and the mattresses and certain types of upholstery. The  main reason behind the efficacy of this cleaning method is that the super-high temperature will effectively eliminate all the dirt and stains, bacteria, allergens, mites and other pathogens. Now when it comes to cleaning the upholstery with the help of steam, there are certain restrictions. Not all types of upholstery can be steam-cleaned. Hence on this page, let us discuss the types of upholstery  that can be cleaned with the help of steam without the fear of damage.

That is because there are certain types of upholstery that respond well to heat when it comes to cleaning. On this page, let us discuss the types of upholstery that can best be cleaned with the use of steam.

  • Cotton, Polyester and Linen Upholstery

Fabrics such as polyester,  linen, cotton respond very well to heat. That is the reason professionals who are into upholstery cleaning in Sydney would suggest not another way but steam cleaning when taking on these types of upholsteries. That is because these types of materials are able to withstand all the heat and moisture that are associated with steam cleaning. Hence, even after rigors steam cleaning, these upholsteries will remain intact and will never lose their shades, structural integrity, or texture.

Besides, there are certain synthetic upholstery like microfiber, that can be best cleaned by steam. The steam will act on even the most stubborn stains,eliminating them but keeping the structural integrity of the upholstery intact.

  • Leather Upholstery 

This is another type of upholstery that can best be cleaned with the help of steam cleaning. In fact, leather upholstery will need specific attention in regards to cleaning. However, there is more to it. There are certain types of leather that can best be steam cleaned. There is no thumb rule as such in this regard, but the professionals offering upholstery steam cleaning in Sydney will go through the manufacturer's tag to decide whether to steam clean the upholstery or not. While coloured or protected leathers usually take well to steam cleaning, aniline and semi-aniline leathers could be more delicate when it comes to taking on steam.

And then again, one must hire the best steam cleaners for leather upholstery steam cleaning. Maintaining a balanced approach is crucial for effective cleaning of leather without sacrificing the material's integrity. That is because excessive heat or wetness can cause damage to the leather. 

  • Delicate Upholstery 

Delicate upholstery can be cleaned with the help of steam cleaning. However, the professionals who apply steam cleaning techniques should be extremely cautious when dealing with delicate upholstery, like silk or antique upholsteries. Although a certain kind of silk upholstery can take on the high temperature of the steam, the professionals will exercise caution and apply the steam in a hidden area at first to see if it works perfectly. That is the reason only skilled and experienced upholstery cleaners need to be hired. 

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