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Fully Accredited & Certified Trained Technician

Curtain Cleaning Sydney  & Blind Cleaning Sydney Onsite                  

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 For Cleaning of all your Drapery & Window 

Coverings in the Sydney Metro Area . All Curtains & Blinds Cleaned Like New Using Enviromently Friendly Products .


We Specialise in Mould Removal on all Soft Furnishings including Curtain & Blinds.


Best Ever Curtain Cleaning Sydney & Blind Cleaning Sydney. 

There is no need for a pick up & deivery service for your Curtain Cleaning & Blind Cleaning as its all done onsite at your place with no mess & no fuss. At Best Ever Cleaning we specialise in professional curtain  cleaning, & blind cleaning using two methods. The first method is steam cleaning. The process consists of spraying hot cleaning solution into the curtains and recovering the solution and dirt with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank.
The second method used by Best Ever Curtain Cleaning Sydney & Blind Cleaning Sydney is Dry Cleaning, which is used mainly for some delicate materials. Dry Cleaning uses a minimal amount of liquid and a blend of compounds for restorative cleaning; this eliminates the risk of shrinkage and colour runs on delicate fabrics like silk threads.
Both methods do not require curtains or blind to be taken down from the window, which will not infringe on you privacy and security issues.  Our curtain & blind cleaning,  will improve your home's indoor air quality by removing potentially damaging soil and pollutants from your window coverings and you'll extend the life of your valuable draperies by professional curtain and blind cleaning.
Mould Spores on Curtain & Blinds can also be treated  by using our special Organic Mould & Fungus Emulsifying Solutions, these are sprayed on to the affected areas to kill mould so they do not progress and spread to  the rest of  the home , this will avoid  serious  health issues like respiratory infections , asthma or allergic conditions. All our mould & fungus  removal chemicals are so safe as they are free of chlorine & ammonia with proven disinfecting capabilities utilising natural & biodegradable ingredients, it surpasses the Therapeutics Goods Administration guidelines  - TGO No54 which is in line with hospital grade disinfectants. mould.jpg - small
  • All jobs include deodorising
  • All areas sterilised and clean from dust mites and contaminates.
  • All work hand finished.
  • All hand groomed with attention to detail.
* All our Curtain & Blind Cleaning includes our  Clean, Health & Protect option this includes  our sanitising & disinfecting wash to remove mould & germs.
 In the last year mould affected curtains and blinds have become a major problem in the Sydney area , must of our work load has been to rectify this problem . The constant wet weather has has a bad effect on most homes and to some degree has caused some damage to the curtains and blinds .
             Before.JPG - small                                                                                       After.JPG - small
             Before our service                                                                                            After our service

Blind Cleaning.

roman-blinds.jpg - small
At Best Ever Blind Cleaning Sydney, we can cater for all your blind cleaning needs , we clean Aluminium Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Cedar Blinds , Vertical Blinds , Roman Blinds ,Silhouette Blinds, Pleated Blinds, Silent Gliss , Holland Blinds, Panel Blinds, Awnings, Shutters, Out Door Umbrellas , our specialists can even dry clean the most sensitive and delicate drapery fabrics that most companies will not even attempt to clean even rubber back fabrics or silk products.
We are also a Luxaflex Blind Cleaning Specialist for Silhouette Blinds and Duette Blinds.
Motorised blinds are also our speciality, as there is no need to take them down and to get them 
re installed by an expert , so you save money and time .
We are also able to clean Feature Walls of fabric in the home or office. For all your blind Cleaning 
needs we are the soft furnishings experts , blind cleaning for the home or blind cleaning for the office and commercial property.
To get your Blind Cleaning done give us a call.
We are the professionlas when it comes to Blind Cleaning Sydney.

Curtain Cleaning.

At Best Ever Curtain Cleaning Sydney we can dry clean any type of window covering Swags, Curtains, Pellets, Jabots, Balloon Curtains . We can clean curtains made of any fabric like, Linen, Silk ,Wool, Cotton , Polyesters, Blends & Rubber Back  Block out. We also specialise in Stage Curtain Cleaning for schools, clubs, theaters, are all cleaned onsite
shiraz-curtains.jpg - small
, we guarantee no shrinkage,, no damage, no loss of sizing .
Please note that we do recommend Fire Retardant Application on all curtains in public areas to avoid any Insurance problems & to ensure it complies  with the Australian Standards .
For all your your Curtain Cleanig requirements  with rubber backed curtains , 
 they are all cleanable with no damage using our special cleaning system.
We can remove the dirt , grime and even mould stains
We have done some large Curtain Cleaning jobs like State Sports Centre, Admiralty  House.
To get your Curtain Cleaning done , give us a call
We are the professionals when it come to Curtain Cleaning Sydney.

Fire Retardants

We also can provide Fire Retardant process that complies with the Australian Standards AS1530 as required by the the code of Australia.Flame & Fire Retardants are always applied in commercial premises such as hotels, offices, restaurants, showrooms, but now the trend has also moved to the  residential sector, as the service is of great value in protecting peoples homes and contents.

The Best Ever Cleaning Fire Retardant process has been successfully used in treating  wools, cotton, polyester, nylon, poly- propylene, and other mixed blends. Best Ever Cleaning can clean & protect your bigest assets you're HomeBusiness furnishings.


Odour Control on Curtain & Blinds

This option  is also available on all curtains and blinds that have been affected by bad odours such as cat urine, mould & mildew  and smoke smells,we would clean and neutralise the contamination so that the room would be clean and fresh with no bad odours  using our odour control system 

Curtain Pressings Service 

We can also provide a mobile onsite  Curtain Pressing  Service for new or old curtains, so they look nice & smooth , and wrinkle free
Give us a call we would  be happy to give you a no obligation free quote just ring us on 0403 393 330. If you are looking for a Professional Blind Cleaning Or Curtain Cleaning in Sydney give us a call. We would be happy to quote you over he phone all we need is the height and the width and some idea of the fabric, or we can meet you on site
We safely  dry clean any type of upholstery fabric right in your home.
 Please Note : That we can also treat odour problems on all Curtains & Blinds
This is a specialised service and will require extra service with our odour control techniques. Please see our odour control page for more information .
All Curtain Cleaning in Sydney and Blind Cleaning  in Sydney Covers the Sydney Metro from the Northern Suburbs, North Shore, Lower North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West , Western Suburb
Please see our other specialised website for more information below.
Also take a look at our Testimonials  to see what we can do for you, and also by look at some of our work .
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