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How to look after Curtains

Posted By Mario Di Cuffa  
19:00 PM

Best Ever Cleaning- Curtain Cleaning Sydney

Curtains are a beautiful soft furnishings for your windows. They are expensive and serve many uses in your home.

They bring elegance and frame the window, they provide privacy and also keep your home warm.

Sheers curtains do provide privacy during the day , but do not help at nighttime . 

This is when you should incorporate another layer of curtain like a curtain that has a  rubber latex layer.

This is of great value for windows that face west and will keep the blistering heat out of your home in summer time and also  keep the cold  out in winter time .These curtains should last for a life 20 years or more if they are cleaned and maintained .

Excessive heat can also shorten the life of the curtains , causing them to perish and break down or change colour and turn yellow

Curtains that face south can have issues with mould and should be inspected at the back to ensure they are in good condition and if affected by mould spores they should be cleaned ASAP as old mould can not be removed and the fabric can start to break down and it can also become a health risk.

The elderly and young children can often be affected with headaches and respiratory issues.

Sheer curtains should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid them changing colour, this  will also keep your home fresh as the sheer acts like a filter and collects all the pollution and dust from the outdoors.

Its also recommended that curtains be vacuumed a few times a year , this will stop the dust penetrating through the fabric and will keep them looking newer longer .

Please  note that when you have a stain on the curtain that you get it cleaned ASAP, as old stains os spillages  like water stains , drink marks , wine stains are all treatable and can be removed when they are fresh , the probability of removing old stains are less than 50%.

Best Ever Cleaning can service all your Curtain Cleaning Requirements and we do it all onsite.

Services include Professional Spot Cleaning

Service includes deodorising and sanitising & a dust mite treatment

All Materials sterilised from Contaminates with our deep cleaning system

All work hand finished and groomed with attention to detail

All disinfected 

Mould removal

And all cleaned onsite & all dried in hours

All Cleaned as they hang in their place on the window

For any enquiry please call me on 0403 393 330.