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Some High Flying Upholstery Cleaning Myths Debunked

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10:00 AM

You may have heard a lot about upholstery cleaning. While some of them are true, the rest are myths. It is high time to debunk these myths and know the reality of upholstery. This will help you find the best professionals who are into upholstery cleaning in Sydney, like anywhere else.

Myth #1: Upholstery Cleaning is Only About the Elimination of Surface Dirt and Dust

There is a very common misconception that upholstery cleaning is only about removing surface dust and dirt. This is only a myth. The reality is that proper professional upholstery cleaning not only removes the superficial surface dust and dirt that is visible to the naked eye, but it also helps you get rid of all the harmful microscopic microbes and pathogens that accumulate and remain hidden within or under the upholstery fibres.

Organisms like bacteria, viruses, mould spores, dander, and other allergens and other pathogens and microbes that we are unable to see with our naked eyes can be eliminated through professional upholstery cleaning. Thus, upholstery cleaning by qualified professionals would freshen up the upholstery fabric, making it feel fresher, softer, and brighter.

Myth #2: Upholstery Cleaning Turns the Upholstery Shaggy

This is an absolute myth! This myth may have originated with certain cleaning methods, like scrubbing. The coarse bristles of the scrubber may very well result in the deterioration of the upholstery fabric, thus turning the upholstery shaggy.

The reality is that an experienced, qualified upholstery cleaning professional would never apply any of these methods. Rather, they will use organic as well as advanced methods of upholstery cleaning that are tailored to meet the type of fabric you have in your upholstery. For instance, the methods that they will follow for leather cleaning in Sydney are entirely different from cleansing cotton upholstery.

Myth #3: The Work Ethics of Every Upholstery Cleaning Company Are Similar

Again, it is nothing but a myth and the farthest from reality. The work ethics of these service providers largely depend on the professionals in charge of the cleaning, but not on the company as a whole. There is always something unique about a company offering cleaning services, including upholstery cleaning. They do this to ensure that they stand out as an exception from the rest of their competitors.

Myth #4: I Can Just Do DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Again, it is not entirely correct, although it is very possible for you to carry out the cleaning of your upholstery by using various cleaning solutions and rented or purchased tools and equipment that are available on the market. However, there are prominently high chances that your DIY efforts will yield results that are a shade less effective than the professional meeting at the most. That is because the professional upholstery cleaners in Sydney are experts with much deeper knowledge than you have, and they have access to the appropriate tools that help effective modern-day upholstery cleaning yield better results.

That's why you must hire the best professional upholstery cleaner in Sydney, and there is no better name than Best Ever Cleaning in and around Sydney. Call us at 0403 393 330 to book our service. Or write to us at for further details.