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Steps that Professionals Follow to Remove Stains from Curtains

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A stained curtain in your home, office or any other type of establishment will impact the visual aesthetics. For this reason, you should get them cleaned by professionals in Sydney. These individuals will use a variety of tools and techniques to clean your curtain and make it free of stains. Most importantly, they will get rid of the stains comprehensively to restore immaculateness. But if you are wondering how the cleaners remove these ugly stains, you need to take a look at the points that have been mentioned here.

  • Curtain Inspection

The first step that professional curtain cleaners in Sydney will follow is conducting the pre-inspection procedure where they will determine the stains that need to be cleaned. Besides, they will also identify the fabric type and the nature of stains so that they can arrange the tools and supplies to remove them. All in all, the inspection procedure helps make curtain cleaning convenient as well as effective.

  • Dirt and Dust Removal

Before cleaners can begin stain treatment, they will remove the dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner. They will do so since the accumulation of loose dirt, dust, and debris can make the stain removal process difficult. Moreover, using a vacuum cleaner also helps contain the spread of loose particles that occur during the fabric cleaning process.

  • Treating the Stains

After removing the stains, professional cleaners treat the stains on the curtains with specific cleaning solutions. These solutions help remove all types of stains on the fabric. Also, specialists carrying out curtain cleaning apply solutions depending on the nature of the stain. For instance, the stain can be water-based, oil-based or protein-based. These solutions break down the stains and help restore the cleanliness of the curtains.

  • Steam Cleaning

The next method that professional cleaners use to remove stains from curtains is steam cleaning. This is one of the most common techniques that is eco-friendly as well as effective. Here, the cleaners will use the latest steam cleaning equipment to apply hot water vapour to disintegrate the stains. This is a helpful technique since the drying time is also less compared to steam.

  • Dry Cleaning 

Another step that specialists carrying out curtain cleaning in Sydney follow is dry cleaning. Here, they use a solvent-based cleaning technique to remove stains. They apply the solvents on the curtains with a specific tool and leave them for a few hours. These solutions disintegrate the stain and they can be removed with a cloth and a brush. Another advantage of this type of cleaning is that the curtain does not need to be dried. 

  • Stain Scraping

Scraping the stains from curtains is yet another step that professional cleaners follow to make the fibres immaculate. However, the method only works for mild stains and is not effective for stubborn stains.

Scraping is done with a brush or with a sharp object such as a metallic brush. But before the cleaners use this method, they make sure that it will not damage the fibres in any way.

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